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3 Pit Furnace Controls with N2+Methanol Atmosphere Shipped - Canada

Atmosphere Engineering has just shipped 3 pit furnace control panels to a captive heat treatment facility in Canada. Each panel includes %carbon, multi-zone temperature, and recipe control. In additon, these panels have integrated combustion and flame safety updates required to meet the CSA & CUL approvals.  Custom designed and built from the ground up, this is just another example of how our engineering and service teams help keep the thermal processing industry safe and updated with the latest technology.

Successful 2016 Trade Show Season Continued - Europe

Atmosphere Engineering, GmbH recently participated in the HK-2016 trade show in Koln, Germany.  We would like to thank all our existing customers in Europe for stopping by as well as the new people we met during the week.  The EndoInjector has recently been adopted quite heavily in the European automotive industry and we are excited to be apart of this market.

5 Batch Furnace Control Panels Installed

Atmosphere Engineering recently updated the furnace control panels on 5 batch furnaces at a captive heat treatment department in Tennessee. Updates included control and monitoring of furnace motion, recipe tracking, %carbon, temperature, quench oil temperature, and quench agitation. Motion alarms provided visible and audible feedback if any automated motion activation was inhibited providing piece of mind for the operators.  Safety updates included all necessary work to bring the furnace up to NFPA 86 guidelines.

FNA 2016 Trade Show Great Success

Atmosphere Engineering recently participated in the Furnaces North America trade show in Nashville, TN.  We would like to thank all our existing customers for stopping by as well as all the new people we met during our week in Nashville. In addition, we would like to thank everyone who attended our customer appreciation reception, it was a great night!

3600 MicroGen™ Endothermic Gas Generator Shipped

Atmosphere Engineering continues to develop their line of endothermic gas generators. This recent shipment features continuous dew point, CH4, and energy consumption monitoring.  Operational features include the super efficient ReactionCore™ technology, patented EndoInjector™ control system with gas-on-demand, heat exchanger speed control to maintain output temperature, as well as a unique automatic vent solution that only ventilates endothermic gas when furnace demand falls below the extended turn down capacity of the generator... all this on the MicroGen™ single skid design.

Continuous "All-in-One" Control System Shipped

Atmosphere Engineering has just shipped a continuous furnace control system with updated atmosphere flow control panel.  The continuous line features a nitrogen-methanol atmosphere panel with control for the heat treat, quench, wash, and draw zones.  The entire furnace as well as all process control variables and feed rate/load tracking are visualized on an 18" high resolution touchscreen panel.  Installation is scheduled for Fall 2016 so stay tuned for some great install pics.

Endothermic Gas Generator Retrofit #702 Startup

We would like to thank all our customers for making the EndoInjector™ the industry standard for endothermic gas generator control solutions around the world.  While others have tried to imitate our success, we were the first to develop and patent the concept of true-trim ratio control back in 2002.  Instead of resting on our success, our engineering team has continued to innovate our EndoInjector™ control platform every year to provide an even more flexible retrofit solution for all generator manufacturers and incorporate the latest safety requirements.

Atmosphere Engineering Introduces Service Group

AEC is proud to announce the recent acquisition of Productive Technology, Inc. (PROTECH), a heat treat furnace service contractor based in Delta, Ohio. PROTECH’s reputation of high quality and complete service work extends back to 1983, when it was founded by Pat Benner and Dean Schmidt (retired). Pat will direct the group along with our service manager Brian Harshaw as the new Atmosphere Engineering Service Group. We are excited to be working together and happy that we will be able to provide a more comprehensive turnkey solution under one roof for our customers.

Praxair Extends Marketing Agreement with Atmosphere Engineering

Atmosphere Engineering and Praxair recently signed a 5 year extension of their cooperative marketing agreement.  Praxair, a worldwide supplier of industrial gases has teamed up with Atmosphere Engineering a world wide supplier of atmosphere control systems to provide complete turn-key solutions to the metals heat treating industry for sintering, brazing, annealing, nitriding, and carburizing applications.  The partnership has proven very successful for their customers during the past few years and both parties are excited to extend the agreement into the future.

Atmosphere Engineering Opens Office in Brazil

Atmosphere Engineering is excited to announce the opening of new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil to help promote and support our installations in South America.  Mr. Marcio Boragini has joined the team as General Manager and will be managing the group.  Marcio is a metallurgist with extensive technical and management experience owning and operating commercial heat treatment facilities in Brazil.  He has worked with Atmosphere Engineering equipment for many years.  We are proud to have Marcio on our team and look forward to continued success in Brazil!!

Generator Rebuild for Ford Motor Company

Atmosphere Engineering recently completed 2 generator rebuild and upgrade projects for Ford Motor Company.  The Surface Combustion generators were updated at our facility in Milwaukee, WI with the energy efficient EndoInjector™ generator control system.  Ford selected our ActivePLC™ control platform using Siemens hardware and large 18" touchscreen interface  for easy operation and process history review.

2015 International Sales Meeting

Atmosphere Engineering would like to thank all of our partners and representatives who traveled from around the globe to visit us for our sales meeting this April.  The multi-day event provided hands on experiences including product and software demonstrations as well as a tour of our equipment manufacturing and calibration facilities.  We enjoyed the time greatly and look forward to another successful year working together!

AEC Increases Production Capacity in Calibration Laboratory

Atmosphere Engineering has expanded their flow calibration department with additional equipment and technicians.  The increased in demand for the FurnaceMeter™ and VersaMeter™ product lines required additional capacity and personnel to help keep delivery times short without sacrificing product quality.

AEC Announces Oxygen Probe and Sensor Division

Atmosphere Engineering purchases Atmo-Tec, LLC. Andy Melville joins AEC team as the director of new Sensors and Controls Division. Atmo-Tec manufactures a full line of alloy and ceramic zirconia oxygen probes for use in both low and high temperature applications.  Andy Melville is an experienced metallurgist with extensive experience working within the metals processing industry.  We are excited to have Andy on board and look forward to building great systems and supporting our customers together.

EndoFlex™ Endothermic Gas Generator Shipment

Atmosphere Engineering recently shipped 2 EndoFlex™ generators to a manufacturing facility in Wisconsin.  While the customer wishes to remain anonymous, the gas fired generators utilized Eclipse single ended recoup burners and employ Atmosphere Engineering's proprietary ReactionCore™ technology to efficiently produce 6000CFH of endothermic gas each.  In addition, each generator is fitted with 2 CH4 sensors to monitor unreacted methane and advise when to regenerate (burnout) the catalyst.