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Industrial Safety Rated Flow Switch

Product Overview

The Flow-Trigger™ is an industrial flow switch designed and calibrated to confirm minimum or maximum flow rate within a pipeline. The Flow-Trigger™ combines a fully calibrated flow orifice and an explosion proof differential pressure switch to reliably monitor gas flow within the most demanding hazardous industrial environments. The Flow-Trigger™ is designed to be suitable for use with most industrial gases including hydrocarbons and corrosives like ammonia. Every Flow-Trigger™ comes complete with an orifice calibration curve and is preset to trigger at the desired set point based on the provided inlet gas specifications. The switch is field adjustable (+/- 40% of initial flow set point) after installation so that it can be fine tuned to meet specific application requirements.


The Flow-Trigger™ is designed to be easily installed directly into a gas pipeline and comes complete with the required inlet and outlet pipe to maintain calibration accuracy.