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Process Controllers

Process and Limit Control Instruments

AE06L Limit Controller

The AE06L is a 1/16DIN controller designed as a over temperature limit protection.  The universal input can be easily configured for most thermocouple and signal types while the 3 alarm outputs can each be setup with different set-points providing multiple limit alarm logic capability to meet most application requirements.



AE25 Process Controller

The AE25 is a 1/4DIN Multi-loop universal process controller that is comes per-configured for your application.  The full color screen provides easy operation and review of process variables and set-point information.  Includes a paperless chart  recorder with USB port for data retrieval and Ethernet (Modbus-TPC) communication port for remote process monitoring and control.  Simplified PID tuning with Auto-tune features reduces startup configuration time and quickly gets your process up and running fast.