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ActivePLC™ / ActiveHMI™

Universal Industrial Control Platform

Product Overview

The ActivePLC™ is an industrial standard programmable logic controller running our ActivePLC™ process control platform.  The ActivePLC control platform provides a universal PLC program that is ready to run “out of the box” without PLC programming nor licensing required.  The ActivePLC™ platform provides a completely flexible and uniform system that works for a wide variety of applications It allows for a simple interface to define and setup inputs, outputs, alarms, timers, advanced math functions, logic operations, PID loops, recipe operation, analog signal scaling, and even thermocouple type selection and calibration on an either an Allen Bradely or Siemens brand PLC controller.  The configuration and visualization of the ActivePLC™ is accomplished directly through the ActiveHMI™ touchscreen.   Further, all ActivePLC™ settings and logic can be backed up locally and replicated to any other ActivePLC™ hardware regardless of manufacturer.  The purpose of ActivePLC™ is to provide a single, universal process control platform a controls team can standardize on for many different applications, machines, and projects within their facility, reducing development time, training, and spare part requirements.